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How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 10

What are Temporary Files in Windows Temporary Files in Windows are those junks files which creates temporarily when a new file is created. Temporary Files keep tracks of write operation when we perform compulsory editing on a file. Temporary Files created in some conditions When we are using Windows Desktop applications such


Best Screen Recorder for Android 5 (Lollipop)

SCR The interesting thing about SCR is you can adjust the screen by setting screen resolution, vídeo encoder and also, you can control over bitrate-per-second. At the time, when recording will started you will notice an icon in the upper right side that your screen is currently being recorded.In order to stop


How to Make Money Using Social Media

In todays world internet has a very important role and the social networking sites too. Together with enjoying the benefits of social networking sites we can also earn money as well. It can be say that in todays world more than 60% people use internet only to use social media and the


How to Fix D3DX11_43.dll Error.

What is D3dx11_43.dll file? D3dx11_43.dll file is known as dynamic link library file and this file is a part of Microsoft DirectX module for Windows® given by Microsoft for the Windows Operating System.Microsoft  DirectX provides capabilities to control the tasks related to multimedia i.e video and game, on Microsoft platforms.That’s why D3dx11_43.dll


How To Download Youtube Videos Easily

Youtube is most amazing source for the different collections of videos, this makes Youtube as a most popular and favorite video hosting resource.Youtube website is design in such a way that user can only watch and view the videos on their website but they cannot download any video from Youtube website. There


How To Fix MSVCR110.dll Error ?

What is msvcr110.dll file error? Msvcr110.dll is known as dynamic link library file and msvcr110.dll is a part of Microsoft DirectX module. Sometime this error found in some program,  when windows is unable to process this msvcr110.dll file properly either from being missing or damaged.MSVCR110.dll error also occurs when two programs share same


How To Fix MFC100.dll Error ?

What is mfc100.dll ? MFC100.dll file is Dynamic-link Library. it is a part of Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2012 and it is created by Microsoft Corporation. MFC100.dll stands for Microsoft Foundation Classes Library, which is applied as an extension of C++ programming language while making an application by using Visual C++. For making


How To Fix Binkw32.dll Error ?

What is binkw32.dll? Binkw32.dll file is known as Dynamic-link Library. Binkw32.dll is used as a Microsoft Windows file member part for the product of video player software called Bink and Smacker. This file is created and developed by RAD Game Tools, Inc. Binkw32.dll file is component part of the Bink’s software development